Ghost Amp was created solely to
Amplify Paranormal Activity
How would Ghost Amp
It provides an intense energy source for
benefit my paranormal
paranormal anomalies to use for
It has been observed in the field of ghost
hunting research that investigators regularly
experience battery drains (DC power) on
their equipment. This was the inspiration for
Ghost Amp.
Ghost Amp will benefit any
investigation by supplying
Ghost Amp provides a large surface area to
energy to entities to help
feed paranormal activity in a small non-
'amplify' or boost paranormal activity.
conductive package. This box provides an
unlimited source of high and low voltage DC
So far when Ghost Amp has been
(direct current) energy.
used for paranormal activity. Such
as EVP, physical spirit to human
It contains over a dozen and a half different
touch, photo and video anomalies.
voltage sources. From the low energy
camcorder voltages to high voltage camera
These experiences have intensified
flash systems and a simulated fluorescent
when using Ghost Amp compared
lighting (high voltage plasma) electron
to previous investigations without
Ghost Amp at the same locations.**
Ghost Amp is easy to use. Just plug it in and
We believe the best place for a
switch it on. It can be placed in any location
Ghost Amp is any location where
and run for extended periods of time or used
equipment battery draining were
just during an investigation. It does need a
experienced, ╩╗cold spots╩╝, or
normal household AC plugin or a portable AC
where general heightened
power source. It normally uses under 5 watts,
paranormal activity was experienced
therefore for portable use it needs only a very
would be an ideal place.
small AC inverter and battery pack.