What is a Ghost Amp

Ghost Amp was created with the sole purpose of boosting paranormal activity or ghosts. By providing an intense energy source for paranormal anomalies to use for manifestation.

Is Ghost Amp an EMF generator

No, it does not generate a measurable EMF (electro-magnetic field). Ghost Amp is not intended to provide energy that way.

How does Ghost Work

Time and time again in the field of ghost hunting research that participants regularly experience battery drains (DC power) on their equipment. Ghost Amp provides a lot of energy in a large surface area to feed paranormal activity in a small non-conductive package. This box provides an unlimited high and low voltage DC (direct current) energy source for paranormal entities / ghosts.

Whats in a Ghost Amp

It contains over a dozen and a half different voltage sources. From the low energy camcorder voltages to high voltage camera flash systems. It also contains a simulated fluorescent lighting (high voltage plasma) source as a high energy electron source utilizing only DC current. Unlike AC power (alternating current / household current) the DC power sources have been proven in the field of ghost hunting as paranormal attractants. 

How is it used

Ghost Amp is easy to use. It can be placed in a location and run for long extend periods of time or used just during a paranormal investigation. It does need a portable AC power source if normal household plug in is not available. It normally uses under 5 watts, so if a battery and inverter (portable AC power pack) are used it is recommend to use as small an inverter as possible for maximum battery life.

Would it help with EVP
Yes, Ghost Amp could provide a much needed boost in energy a paranormal entity would need to be better heard.

Where should I use a Ghost Amp

We believe locations where equipment battery draining was experienced, ‘cold spots’, or where general heightened paranormal activity was experienced would be an ideal place for Ghost Amp.

Is it safe to use

Ghost Amp has been designed with safety in mind. Although somewhat water resistant, it like any other household AC powered device, should never be used around water. Also, due to its high voltage, attempting to open the Ghost Amp could result in severe shock, injury and even death. Due not open under any circumstance.

How big is Ghost Amp

The Ghost Amp box is approximately 6" X 6" X 4".

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